Is fare evasion a criminal offense that can negatively affect my N-400 application? Posted on May 15, 2011

Long story short, two year ago I received a MTA ticket for fare evasion. It had a court summons, and it was for doubling up. The situation surrounding the ticket was as follows: It was 2am, and a group of us were leaving our friends social gathering. We go to take the train, and I attempt to swipe my metro card but it does not work. There are no agents in the station, and I begin to shuffle through my purse to look for money to buy a single ride card. I was so distracted that I did not see my friend obviously tired and frustrated swipe his card behind me allowing us both to pass. We then get stopped by two cops that threaten to arrest us, and not give us time to explain the situation. They didn't allow us to pay the fare seeing that we obviously had money to pay the fare. We get a both get a citation/ticket of $100.00. Within the following week we go to the transit adjudication bureau to follow up on our inquiry. I spoke to an officer at the bureau about fighting the ticket, and he said it was not worth it since the "Transit Adjudication Bureau" has an 85% conviction rate. He said, "Nobody wins. Just pay the fine and avoid the $50.00 additional fee for late payment." My friend pays both fines since he feels guilty for dragging me into this mess. I thought this was behind me until recently. I filed my N-400 and since this predicament happened 2 years ago it totally skipped my mind. I just remembered it recently. And have a personal interview on Tuesday (I am exempt from the writing part), and am wondering how much of a problem this would be? Can by application be nullified for accidentally leaving out this piece information? Fast forward two years later and I am a college student, interning at a reputable agency. I know they did a background check, but I do not know if this appeared on my record of if they just did not pay it any mind since the Transit Adjudication Bureau seems to have low reputability.

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