Is Comcast guilty of abuse of consumer rights and credit collection? Posted on February 17, 2011

I signed a service agreement with Comcast 8/13/09 for their double play plan for 12 months at $59.99 plus tax/fees and my monthly total came up to $72.49 and I was paying this up to June 2010. I called Comcast in June 2010 as I was going for an extended summer trip and asked them for a 3-month vacation plan and the representative I spoke with told me it will cost me $108.43 for the 3 months I will be gone and I paid this amount right away. I was shock when I got back from my vacation that Comcast did not only continue charging me monthly fees while I was away but they had increase my charges to $108.93 plus tax/fees and backdate the new charges from the date I called to get the vacation package. I call Comcast and they told me, sorry they do not have any vacation plan and they don't understand why I was told there was any. They told me, the increased charges is effective since June 2010 that I asked for the vacation plan and that its going to remain so. Comcast refused to adjust the charges or credit my account. The only thing they did was to offer me an alternative plan from September 2010 and they canceled my plan in November 2010 when I refused to pay for the additional charges on my account during my vacation. Now they have handed my account to a collection agency and they are threatening to report it to my credit report. They are asking me to pay $135.88 in addition to the $108.43 I paid during my vacation.

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