If we are married for 25 years and decided to file a divorce, I have a stage 4 cancer, what are my options? 1 Answers as of April 06, 2017

I put my husband through school and he works for a large firm, I was diagnosed with cancer stage 4, 7 years ago. Technically I shouldn't be here now. I raised our 3 children all full grown, and I volunteer in our community, but had to quit college years ago to support his company. I can't get life insurance due to my diagnosis, and just one of my tests I must get PET test costs $15,000.00. Even if I get half the co- pays would bankrupt me within 3 years. Due to my health I can't always be available every day for school or work. I am turning 50 in February and I don't want to hurt my family. I am scared. No one knows he already moved out. The children will be devastated, as I am considered to be an anomaly in the medical field I don't really know how much longer I truly have. I asked him to just wait it out and he will get 250,000.00 he isn't sure.

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If you are already separated you could file for a legal separation. I assume he continues to support you. If not, you can certainly go to court if you file either a legal separation or divorce, and get maintenance (the WA word for alimony). You are also entitled to a portion (at least half) of all the family assets including his retirement, etc. You don't say why he is wanting a divorce now, but it seems unnecessarily mean spirited under the circumstances. You also don't say how old the children are. He has a duty of support if they are still in high school or in college and under 23. You should talk to a lawyer.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 4/6/2017
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