If the testing does confirm I have cystic fibrosis, would I have a valid case for delaying treatment and diagnosis for so long? 1 Answers as of June 29, 2017

For the last 5 years, I was having frequent sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, stomach issues, and a lot of other symptoms. I literally was on antibiotics almost every other month. Every time I would go in, I would be told that I was a mom, I should be tired and it's normal to be sick all the time with kids that everything I had was anxiety. I was frequently sick and finally had enough when my doctor told be "have I ever thought about moving to another state, because I maybe I have bad allergies". I told her this isn't normal and I don't know anyone who is this sick all the time. She chuckled at me but decided to send me to a pulmonologist to put my mind at ease. Pulmonologist ordered a CT scan which showed I had bronchiectasis which is kind of rare, did some further testing and now there is a possibility it is cystic fibrosis. I'm 35 years old as well as immunodeficiency which would mean that I've had this condition for my entire life. They kept telling me I was fine that it's just anxiety. Countless times, I went home crying to my husband telling him that they basically dismiss me and tell me everything was because I was a mom and run down. I knew something wasn't right and they wouldn't listen to me.

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You likely do not have a case that you could prevail. You would have to prove that your doctor did not provide the standard of care. You admit that your condition is rare. Further, you would have to prove that the delayed diagnosis made your condition worst.
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Replied: 6/29/2017
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