If a publisher goes out of business and never paid royalties, what can I do? 3 Answers as of October 02, 2017

I have three books I published with a certain publishing company but noticed they are out of business as is their sister website. I filed a number of complaints with the state and federal governments. I have never been paid royalties as of 2008 for my 3 books. When I wrote the books I lived in another state.

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Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. | Ernie Linek
It happens. Check to see if the out of business published claimed ownership of your copyrights - and then see if any new owner claims rights - e.g., from bankruptcy or otherwise. If you are still the copyright owner - republish your books - e-publication is now one way to go.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 10/2/2017
Law Office of Kirk Buhler
Law Office of Kirk Buhler | Kirk A Buhler
You can take them to small claims for collection, send them to a collections agency or hire an attorney to sue them. Depending upon the amount of your claim, you may want to ignore it an move on. It has been almost 9 years.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/2/2017
Sebby Law Office
Sebby Law Office | Jayne Sebby
You may have a claim against who ever received the assets of the business, and specifically the right to publish your books. You can also sue the owner of the publishing company. However, the statute of limitations may have already run on your right to sue, since you haven't been paid royalties for almost a decade.
Answer Applies to: Nebraska
Replied: 10/1/2017
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