If I'm obligated to make monthly quodro payments to my ex-spouse, can I take a portion off of each payment for taxes? Posted on March 10, 2011

My parents are divorced and my father is obligated to make monthly quadro payments to my mother. My father is retired military. He is supposed to send her a check every month (between June of 2010 and June of 2011), and then starting in July of 2011, the military is just going to make automatic payments to my mother. This is just how the court arranged the payments to work. The only problem is that every month my father continues to take almost 40% off of each check that he sends her and then he claims that it's for her own tax purposes. So rather than sending her a check for $1200, as per the court order, he just sends her a check for $740. Is my father allowed to deduct a portion of her monthly quadro payments for tax purposes? What happens if he's not even sending the money he's deducting to the IRS? Does my mother have to pay taxes on the quadro in the first place? Please Help!

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