If I was charge for obstruction of police, for not following the safety road for the bicyclist because I know the road is not safe, what will happen? 1 Answers as of June 03, 2017

I was riding my bike on side walk and going in wrong direction this is because my friend’s house is less than 50 yards from the cross walk and if I were to do what that say is legal that would make me more susceptible in being hit by a car. Lately there has been a rise in bicyclist getting either killed or seriously hurt. So I am not about to take their response and will always ride in a safely manner and not put my persons in a unsafe environment so when I was almost to my friend’s house I was on left side the cop was on the right and I noticed he pulled in the drive way were I was going I though he was just turning around so when I approached at about 10 to 13 mph and turned down drive way at this point I guess he jumped out and he states he told me to stop but I didn't here or for that matter see his lights as a protocol when they use to pull over some one well he tried to tackle me but didn't so then I couldn't stop because of my brakes were not working but now there fixed so I traveled about 20 more yards to a stop without any warning. I was pummeled by the officer who is only about 28 to 29 years old to guesses he is a rookie now. I was being charged for obstruction of Police or EMT well think he escalated the whole incident to be truthfully. So the only thing I think I should be charged for is riding on sidewalk and or going opposite direction.

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You should hire a lawyer and get this relatively minor charge dismissed. By yourself you're going to get a criminal record, and it isn't worth it.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 6/3/2017
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