If I put myself on calendar, can a judge help me? 1 Answers as of June 16, 2017

My license was revoked in 2004 and I was ordered to complete an 18-month program. I completed all but 10 hours of the program before being dismissed for falling behind on one payment. This was in 2007 just when the new housing crises was starting because of the mortgage thing and at the same time I was trying to care for my mother who was dying. I worked as an independent contractor and work was very slow. Even when work did become available, I couldn't accept it because I had to be there for my mother. My sister took two months off her job in another state to come help me but the damage had already been done. I lost everything I owned and I lost my mother. After her passing in 2008, my sister invited me to come stay with her long enough to get back on my feet and I did. However, when I returned in 2011 and tried to get my license, I was told I had to start all over again in the classes because I didn't get back within the 24 month time limit. I was not aware of any time limit! No one at the school said anything about a time limit when they dismissed me. They want me to pay all the fees and attend another 18 months even though I only needed 10 hours. (The School not the court or DMV) I now have a document they sent me stating all the hours I attended and showing no financial obligations. Just 10 hours short and they will not give me the paper to give to the DMV. Can a Judge do anything about this?

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All the Judge can do is re-instate you back into the program. It's up to the program whether you want to give you a "proof of completion."
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 6/16/2017
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