If I file for bankruptcy then get married to her, would I be liable for the debt again? 9 Answers as of January 02, 2017

My girlfriend and I accrued some debt together. She is a co-signer on my auto loan and a personal loan as well on a credit card. She can file chapter 7 with me because she had previously filed and can't re-file until 2020.

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Ronald K. Nims LLC | Ronald K. Nims
Bankruptcy can't make another person liable for debts. Only signing a contract, like a credit card application, can make a person liable for debts.
Answer Applies to: Ohio
Replied: 1/2/2017
Janet A. Lawson Bankruptcy Attorney
Janet A. Lawson Bankruptcy Attorney | Janet Lawson
She would be liable for any debt she co-signed for after her bankruptcy. You do not become liable for debt by simply marrying someone.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 12/15/2016
Stephens Gourley & Bywater | David A. Stephens
You will not be liable for them again, directly, but your discharge will not discharge her and thus, she will be liable for those cosigned debts even though you get a discharge.
Answer Applies to: Nevada
Replied: 12/15/2016
OlsenDaines | Rex Daines
No, you will not be liable for the debt if you later remarry. You might also consider getting married and then filing a joint chapter 13. Based on the date of her prior chapter 7, she might qualify to get a discharge in a chapter 13.
Answer Applies to: Oregon
Replied: 12/15/2016
A Fresh Start
A Fresh Start | Dorothy G Bunce
Getting married does not change who is responsible for debts made before the marriage. However, debt can be collected out of joint bank accounts, so proceed with caution.
Answer Applies to: Nevada
Replied: 12/15/2016
    GARCIA & GONZALES, P.C. | Richard N. Gonzales
    Your "girlfriend" can't file with you, only a spouse. If she incurred debt after filing, she will be liable for that debt until she can refile again (presumably in 2020). She can file a Chapter 13 and discharge the bulk of her debt, 4 years after filing a Chapter 7.
    Answer Applies to: Colorado
    Replied: 12/15/2016
    Richard B. Jacobson & Associates, LLC | Richard B. Jacobson
    In Wisconsin a girlfriend may not file a joint case with her bf, unless they are married. (Domestic partners-I'm not sure.) It would be a grave mistake to claim to be married in order to file: it would be a false statement made under oath to a court, which is a crime. Wisconsin does not recognize common law marriage. Your marrying her would not make you liable on the debt again, assuming it is discharged in your Ch. 7. Best advice: find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. It's almost always worth the investment.
    Answer Applies to: Wisconsin
    Replied: 12/15/2016
    Law Office of Michael Johnson
    Law Office of Michael Johnson | Michael Johnson
    She cant obtain another discharge in a ch 7. You can file a 7 and she may still be able to file a bankruptcy, but it would be a ch 13 and pay very little back.
    Answer Applies to: Florida
    Replied: 12/15/2016
    Mauritz Van Niekerk, Attorneys at Law
    Mauritz Van Niekerk, Attorneys at Law | Christiaan van Niekerk
    Absolutely not. Go ahead and marry her.
    Answer Applies to: New York
    Replied: 12/15/2016
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