\If I am a level 1 sex offender 27 years ago and I shared this experience to a person, is that person can spread that information to other people? 1 Answers as of October 12, 2017

To start I am level one sex offender who got into trouble 27 years ago. In all this time I have not gotten into trouble since my conviction 27 years ago and I have a person who I told my situation to because I have a family with grandchildren and this person has a child, so I told this person of my past. I go to church and my pastor and associate pastor know of my past and so do the elders. I have attended the church for a long time now. I have a good family support system and I do everything to safe guard myself from having no trouble. Well my 2 question are, first is there anything wrong with me attending church or going to church functions that the whole church is invited to attend, I've been going to functions I am even a member of the church. And then second also can this person I told my past to can they be spreading my past around just because they know and now thinks I am no good. This person seems to find it funny to tell others. I just want to live in peace with my family and church without being harassed by others with my past to others. I comply with the county laws I live in. I believe I shouldn't have to keep having this person do this because I told them. I didn't think they would do this to me. I know I did wrong 27 years ago but I've been living my life since doing right.

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You cannot unring the bell. Because you told this individual, s/he is free to pass it along. Because it is true s/he cannot be charged with slander.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 10/12/2017
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