If he's filling, should I beat him to it and file? 1 Answers as of June 19, 2017

I moved to another state last year not knowing I was pregnant. Things were escalating to an uncomfortable degree with my husband verbally and psychically. I had no support and never reported it. He said they would take me away or just broke multiple of my phones. I ran back home and left all my possessions. I just had my son and he threatens to take him away from me all the time. I’m afraid to go back to him. I said I would if I could afford a car since he took the one he said was mine and lost his and if the house was cleaned up. But my family is offering more support for me here now and he gave me little. My insurance is up in April to be home. I hate it there. The isolation and can't find a soul that I can truly be myself with without being singled out as liberal minded and going to hell from a Bible Belt stance where it’s acceptable to hit your wife as long as it’s not full force. Being a good wife is answering to your husband even if it’s bad advice because his mom bought our house, our car and because thru everything she has provided he has the final say. I’m prepared to file in. But I swore I saw if he cancels everything due to divorce i.e. health insurance, phone and car insurance. I think that’s it. That he loses rights to the child. If I had called for abuse, could I get away to call his abuse? He'd lost rights but I didn't. I have one picture and one video. One video on his behavior and a black eye which I’ve been trying to preserve these because otherwise he is very charming and no one would believe it. He is manipulating but his family has money and I don't. I’m not sure what he'll throw at me. I only have a paralegal helping me file. I’m working and supplemental income work I can find with a newborn. I’m still breastfeeding. He is a month old. He makes me feel I have no rights.

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Replied: 6/19/2017
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