I was misled on the pet policy of an apartment, and after signing the lease was told different. What can I do? Posted on August 01, 2011

My fiance and I were looking at apartments that allow dogs. We toured one we liked and, as we did with all the apartments this guy showed us, asked about dog restrictions dealing with breed and size. He said the apartment only had breed restrictions on "agressive" dogs such as boxers, rottweilers, doberman, pitbulls, German shepherds, and any mix there of. I asked again about size and he said no, people have pretty big dogs here and I said good because we like big dogs and were thinking about a great dane or similar size. He said size didn't matter.

We signed the lease. I visited and picked out a puppy from and Illinois rescue facility this weekend and told the guy I would send him a check and the pet-agreement with the apartment proving allowable home. I went to fill out this agreement today, and when they asked about the breed they said that they don't allow great danes. I told them what the other guy said and they said they would call the property owner to check. If the property owner doesn't allow the great dane, I don't really want to live there. Is there any legal grounds to break the lease, and possible get some sort of legal damages since I will have to find a place to live in about 2 weeks?

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