How will a misdemeanor reckless driving conviction effect my employment? 6 Answers as of August 16, 2013

I was charged with a DUI about 5 months ago but now my lawyer says that we have a good chance of getting it plead down to reckless. I recently sort of asked this question already but received some very mixed answers probably due to how I worded the question. Sorry for being so repetitive but I am just getting really stressed about my future employment opportunities being affected because of this one foolish mistake that I have learned from. So is this reckless charge any better or is it basically the same as getting a DUI?

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Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
Any potential employer will see your entire criminal record. They will see that you were arrested for DUI, and they will see that you resolved the case as a reckless driving. If you are looking for a driving job, you will probably be denied. If you are looking for a job handling money, you will probably be denied. If your employer hates people with alcohol problems, you will be denied. Reckless saves your license, but employers are used to seeing reckless as a lesser offense of DUI. If the employer wants you, then the reckless means nothing.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 8/16/2013
Law Office of Edward J. Blum
Law Office of Edward J. Blum | Edward J. Blum
In any event, you will have a misdemeanor on your record and be a convicted criminal. If you plead to a DUI, the consequences will be a little more serious than the others: possible jail or work, fine 3 month school, maybe ignition interlock device, and DUI probation conditions. A reckless with alcohol involved or 'Wet' Reckless is only slightly less serious. If has no license suspension consequences, but there will be probation, a fine, a school and maybe other conditions of probation, including no alcohol while driving and submit to chemical test. It is priorable for up to 10 years as a DUI. That is, if you have a wet reckless and get busted for DUI again it will be treated as a second offense and there will be mandatory jail and generally harsher conditions of probation. If you are talking about pleading to a straight reckless then it will have probation, may not have alcohol related probation conditions and no school. So the answer to your question: how will this effect my employment, depends on what is important to your employer. Do you drive for work? Will DUI increase his insurance while Reckless won't? Will being on probation be a problem? If you are looking for work, then in all cases, you'll have to answer yes to the question have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor. If you can get them to offer a dry reckless, you can probably beat the case at trial. Remember, 100% of guilty pleas result in convictions. Trial mean chance of no conviction.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/16/2013
Law Office of Geoffrey M. Yaryan
Law Office of Geoffrey M. Yaryan | Geoffrey M. Yaryan
I assume you mean a "wet reckless," which is a alcohol related reckless driving. Generally, no custody time, the fine is less, the probation is two rather than three years, the alcohol school is shorter, however it can still be used as a prior DUI conviction should you be arrested and charged again. Insurance companies my treat it the same as a DUI.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/16/2013
Law Office of Thomas C. Phipps | Thomas C Phipps
It's better than a DWI. DWI is a more serious charge. If you have a conviction, you will have to reveal it in any job applications. As long as you are honest about it, you shouldn't have any problems.
Answer Applies to: Missouri
Replied: 8/16/2013
Attorney at Law
Attorney at Law | Michael J. Kennedy
Make sure it is a dry reckless? Wet reckless is a sucker plea that is looked at by all involved as really a drunk driving conviction, it is there only to make attorneys look like they accomplished something. If a dry reckless, it generally won?t look bad on employment [depending on the employment, of course].
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/16/2013
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