How to get I get a refund if the company is ignoring my requests? Posted on August 09, 2011

In May I went on a skydiving trip with a couple of friends to Canton Airsports, We received a group discount since there were six of us. The weather turned out to be bad for skydiving so we had to reschedule. Two out of our group did not want to return, so another member and I bought those two jumps off of them,(since they were at a discount) giving me two jumps, we did this at Canton Airsports, so they were aware and said this was OK. They told us, and I remember this specifically, that we could get our money back up until we entered the plane (were in the air basically) I never stepped foot on the plane. On their website it states that a $30 non refundable deposit is required, but does not state anywhere on their website about not being able to get a refund, (minus the $30 deposit) I have sent three emails to them, two about two weeks ago, and one today with no response, and an unanswered phone call. I am asking for my $300 dollars back since I will not be able to make it there again. It was $180 per jump, the $30 deposit included, so $150 per jump. That comes out to $300 minus the deposits. Again it states nowhere on their website about "No refunds" and since they specifically said "You have until you are on the plane, then you've paid for your jump, whether you jump or not." I feel I am entitled to my refund, and feel like I am being ignored. Thank you.

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