How should I move forward with receiving income after a car accident? 13 Answers as of October 22, 2013

I was injured in a car accident back in April and was unable to return to work. I have documentation from doctors. No fault, refused to reimburse me for any of my lost wages other than the first week because my employer fired me for job abandonment 3 weeks after the accident. I have no source of income and I will soon be homeless. I was turned down for assistance. I'm very scared and I don't know what I should do. I have a personal injury attorney but she really isn't giving me answers. Please help.

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Law Ofices of Edwin K. Niles | Edwin K. Niles
It may take a long time to see any money out of your claim. You'll have to find a way to get along in the meantime.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/22/2013
Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C.
Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C. | Pete Leehey
It is extremely rare that the insurance company for the negligent driver will pay you loss of income replacement in advance of a final settlement. That means that you have a period of several months, if not over a year, during which you will not be reimbursed for lost income. There are companies that specialize in what I call "lawsuit loans." I discourage my clients from taking out lawsuit loans, other than in cases of emergency. The potential loss of a home would be such an emergency. You should talk to your lawyer about the potential for making contact with a company that will make you a lawsuit loan.
Answer Applies to: Iowa
Replied: 10/22/2013
Paul Whitfield and Associates P.A.
Paul Whitfield and Associates P.A. | Paul L. Whitfield
You can be fired for cause or no cause at any time. and you were fired for abandoning your job. That tells me the boss did not care for you and maybe distrusted you for other reasons. I don't think there is much of anything you can do. Bosses don't fire good people that they find valuable and you cant get anything for lost wages unless you have a bad injury and very strong doctor testimony my guess is that your lawyer doesn't think you have much of anything worth dealing with or else would help you. she cant help you if you have nothing. so don't blame your lawyer if you have a weak case for some reasons.
Answer Applies to: North Carolina
Replied: 10/22/2013
Law Offices of Ronald A. Steinberg & Associates | Ronald A. Steinberg, BA, MA, JD
Hire a lawyer to sue the insurance company for your lost wage benefits, together with the other No Fault benefits. I suggest that you actively seek employment at the present time, unless you are still disabled. Make sure that your doctors will support any claim for disability, based upon objectively manifested evidence, not merely claims of pain.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 10/22/2013
James E. Hasser, Jr. P.C.
James E. Hasser, Jr. P.C. | Jim Hasser
Alabama is not a no fault state, but the way it works here is that you wait to make your wage loss claim after you have healed up or reached maximum improvement in your condition. If you have short term disability insurance, you may be able to make a claim there. You also may be able to make an unemployment claim. It may be you can't wait and will have to settle up with them before you have healed up. Make an appointment with your lawyer to discuss your options. Good luck.
Answer Applies to: Alabama
Replied: 10/22/2013
    Peters Law, PLLC
    Peters Law, PLLC | Mark T. Peters, Sr.
    Sorry, your attorney is the only one that can tell you the time frame for a settlement, etc. Typically, personal injury cases take a while to settle.
    Answer Applies to: Idaho
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Candiano Law Office
    Candiano Law Office | Charles J. Candiano
    You have an attorney. You must either follow her advice or hire a new attorney. In ALL personal injury actions, there is NEVER ANY recovery until the case settles. This is typically 3-6 months AFTER you tell your attorney all treatment is completed.
    Answer Applies to: Illinois
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A.
    Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A. | John W. Merting
    Make an appointment with her to sit down face to face- if she won't do that terminate her and find another attorney who specializes in auto cases and has a sterling record of trial victories and favorable settlements.
    Answer Applies to: Florida
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Robert Butwinick | Robert Butwinick
    The short answer is that you should hire an experienced injury lawyer. Most of us work on a contingent fee basis, so you would be out of pocket for any up front fees. I'd be happy to speak with you. With regard to the specific wage loss question, the key is for the doctor to document your inability to work for a specified time. If you unable to work due to the accident, and you were working at the time leading up to the accident, you should be entitled to wage loss benefits regardless of whether your position was terminated. If the insurer won't agree to pay, you may need to file for arbitration, which an attorney can do for you.
    Answer Applies to: Minnesota
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Lombardi Law Firm
    Lombardi Law Firm | Steve Lombardi
    There is no easy solution for replacement income after a car accident. It appears you have no insurance so my advice is to find a personal injury lawyer and then get ready to weather the storm by figuring out how reduce your monthly expenses by moving in with someone else.
    Answer Applies to: Iowa
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    The Law Offices of Russell Gregory, P.C.
    The Law Offices of Russell Gregory, P.C. | Russell Gregory
    I think your matter can be pursued. We need to discuss the details. Our discussion, and everything else along the way, would be free there's no fee whatsoever, unless/until you actually win.
    Answer Applies to: Michigan
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Gregory M Janks, PC
    Gregory M Janks, PC | Gregory M Janks
    In Michigan, your own vehicle insurer can NOT terminate your wage benefits because your employer fired you because you could not work due to your disability from the crash. Tell the insurer you "abandoned" your job due to your injuries from the crash (if true) and ask that they immediately reinstate your wage benefits (also that they pay any medical testing/treatment bills that are crash related and also pay medical mileage and also pay replacement services if you are in need of household help + any attendant care if your doctor prescribes same). If they will not immediately reinstate your benefits file a complaint with the State Insurance Commissioner and also hire a local lawyer that regularly handles PIP cases to advise you further/deal with the insurer.
    Answer Applies to: Michigan
    Replied: 10/22/2013
    Andrew T. Velonis, P.C.
    Andrew T. Velonis, P.C. | Andrew Velonis
    Appeal the no-fault denial and apply for unemployment insurance. No "double-dipping", though: if one of them is approved you either have to drop the other or send the money back. If you are asked, either in person or on a form, if you are entitled to or applying for any other source of income replacement, tell the truth. Oh, and look for a new job, too.
    Answer Applies to: New York
    Replied: 10/22/2013
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