How much time will she get for selling meth? 4 Answers as of March 06, 2013

My friend was raided two weeks ago after a rather long (they've known of her doings over 2 years) investigation. They searched her home and found "under an ounce, a pipe and took $22,000." She hasn't been charged yet, but told her "it would be wise to set up your guy and we can pretend this whole thing never happened." This is the third time for the same thing in 10 years. First time she did 6 months and second I believe, it was another 6 months. She is texting me with things that she would flip out over before, asking me to collect money from name specific people, including myself, for debts from earlier dealings. Her behavior indicates a setup for me. Holding a couple things for her, none of which were the actual drug itself. The things she asked me to hold for her were locked in a bank bag, it was things like scales, bags, extra 'cut' and such. She demanded I bring this stuff to her at specific times and when I didn't she was rather upset. When I did bring it by unexpected, she was mad because she "didn't need it now and you messed it all up! I needed it when I told you, not now!" She has a very strange behavior. I understand the difficulty in my questions, so your hypothesis is the best I can ask for. How much time is she looking at? How much time off could she get if she set her 'guy' up? Any points if she tries but is unsuccessful at the setup. Could she get more time off if she was successful at setting others up that are much lower on 'the food chain', or such as myself who never sold drugs but is not exactly 100% innocent either"? I would like to thank you in advance for your time on this matter, and absolutely appreciate you and this service.

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William L. Welch, III Attorney | William L. Welch, III
The maximum penalty depends on what the charges are and whether she is in Maryland or federal court. Her charge papers should indicate. Ultimately sentencing depends on whether she is found guilty, her prior record, how serious these are in the court's eyes, mitigation, and allocution. An attorney can assist you with evaluating the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have, and any plea offer that might be made, so that you can decide whether to plea bargain or go to trial. If you were to be found guilty, then an attorney can assist you with presenting mitigation, allocution, and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence. and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence.
Answer Applies to: Maryland
Replied: 3/6/2013
Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
2-3 years in prison.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 3/5/2013
Edward  D. Dowling IV Attorney at Law
Edward D. Dowling IV Attorney at Law | Edward D. Dowling IV
I would need further information to answer such as the exact charges etc. She should hire an attorney and disclose all the facts and circumstances and to try to get a favorable plea bargain. Generally, helping by providing information that may help the police regarding other people that may be involved may help in getting a favorable plea bargain.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 3/4/2013
Law Office of Richard Southard
Law Office of Richard Southard | Richard C Southard
She can get credit for any cooperation she provides. If you believe you are a target of an ongoing investigation, retain counsel as soon as possible.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 3/4/2013
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