How much should I sue for aggravated assault? Posted on August 11, 2011

I was shaken down by bouncers in a club, they took $400 from me and in the process broke two front teeth. They also left boot marks on my back and bruises all over. I was trapped in an upstairs room and my cell phone was taken, while 4 people beat me up. So far I have spent $3000 on my teeth, total it will take about $7500 and 8 months before they are near usable. Also I have around $2000 in medical bills from hospitals and doctors. My brother was also there and I watched the same thing happen to him. I have dreams and wake up at night with visions of him getting kicked and punched. The bouncer who did the majority of the damages to me was arrested that night and charged with aggravated assault. This happened in Montreal, but I live in CT. How much should I sue for? And what channels should I take to actively pursue this case?

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