How much settlement will I be able to get for a facial injury? 1 Answers as of October 04, 2016

I am a 20 year old single female who was bitten in the face by a Pitbull. I had to get stitches for a scar in between my upper lip and nose (about 2- 4 wide) and one on my temple (2- 4 wide). They both go into my face pretty deep. Have in mind that I was not properly trained to handle the animals nor have the right equipment. After my stitches were removed, I had to come back into work the next day. People have told me that I should have had a couple days off to make sure my wounds were properly healed. I also have a fractured cheek bone. I'm not really able to move the left side of my face due to the injury. When I returned back to work, I was terrified to handle the animals so I had to be in the front. The pain in my face is unbearable so the doctor prescribed me a high dosage of pain killers which I can't take at work because it makes me dizzy, and I have to drive from work to my house. I have to deal with the pain all day.

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Almost every day we get a request for evaluation of a claim. We cannot respond to such a request, as there are simply too many elements to be considered. These include percentage of fault, age and health and background of the claimant, the nature of the injury, the treatment, the diagnosis, the prognosis, the cost of the treatment, and the outcome. Also to be taken into account in some cases are the amount and type of insurance coverage and the name of the insurance company. Most attorneys offer a free conference. We suggest that you talk to a few lawyers. Also, you should know that an independent study showed that claimants did better, even after fees, with a lawyer than without.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/4/2016
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