How much is an underage drinking ticket? 2 Answers as of July 04, 2013

I got a ticket for selling alcohol to a minor. I've never gotten one of these before. What do I do now? The ATF officer told me that if I pay the ticket, then I don't have to go to court. Which I would love to do, but where do I go? Municipal court, Criminal court, City Hall? And how much is the ticket? A friend of mine told me it is $500. Which I can pay, I just don't know where. Thank you.

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Bloom Legal, LLC
Bloom Legal, LLC | Seth J. Bloom
The penalties for the violation of the unlawful sale of alcohol to minors carry fines of $500-$1000 and potential jail time of up to 30 days. If you have been issued a ticket then it is likely that you have the option of merely paying a fine and avoiding a court date. It is important to note that in this situation your payment of the fine will, in effect, be an admission of guilt and you will most likely end up with a conviction on your record. In order to determine the amount of your fine you should contact your local court (The ticket you were issued should indicate the court to which you are expected to report in the event that you determine not to pay the fines. There should also be a ticket number which you can provide to the clerk.) - the clerk will be able to inform you of the fine amounts.This will most likely be handled in Municipal court but you may also want to contact Criminal District Court. You may also want to consider fighting the ticket and hiring an attorney to represent you in order to attempt to protect your criminal record. An attorney may be able to negotiate reduced charges in return for the payment of fines or other cooperation in order to keep your record clean.
Answer Applies to: Louisiana
Replied: 7/8/2011
Law Office of Craig E. Gibbs
Law Office of Craig E. Gibbs | Craig Gibbs
They will notify you or the info is on your citation.
Answer Applies to: Louisiana
Replied: 7/4/2013
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