How long should his license be suspended after getting his first DUI? Posted on February 01, 2011

My boyfriend got a DUI in October of 2009 and it was his first one, however he has previous tickets on his record as well as driving with a suspended license from back in 2003. Recently (January 2011) he was about to start taking the classes to get his license back and he was told from the DMV that he isn't allowed to get it back until 2014. I want to know if this is true or even legitimate considering it was a non aggravated offense and he didn't do the breathalyser and passed all the coordination tests that were done when it occurred. He also was not driving when it happened and was sitting in his car waiting for a ride in a parking lot when a cop noticed the car on. Unfortunately he wasn't able to pay for a lawyer when he went to court and pleaded guilty. I am seeking advice because I believe 5 years license suspension is completely ridiculous for this offense and I need to know what to do. Please help!

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