How long is jail time for conviction of three felonies? 1 Answers as of July 22, 2011

My aunt has 2 felonies , one 2nd degree felony and one 3rd degree felony, and she also has 2 class A misdemeanors. her bond is $31,930. About how long do you think she might stay in jail for if she gets convicted for them? if you need more details email me. thanks

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It is difficult to answer how long a person may be incarcerated for a conviction of 3 felonies in the State of Utah. Part of the answer depends on the person's criminal history, part of the answer depends on how egregious the commission of the crime was, and finally, it depends on whether the judge sends her to prison or grants her probation (though in reality, the answer to the third question depends heavily on the answer to the first two questions). However, assuming she is sent to prison, and has a minimal criminal history, she would be there a minimum of 1 year, a maximum of 25 years, and would likely spend 2 to 6 years before getting paroled.
Answer Applies to: Utah
Replied: 7/22/2011
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