How long for my French mom to become a permanent resident if I am a US citizen? 2 Answers as of April 28, 2015

I am a naturalized US citizen and would like to have my French mom become a permanent resident. She is currently visiting me in the US as a WT visitor. I already files the I130 in December (still in process). I am about to mail the I485 as well as an I131 because she wants to go back to France from August to December, then come back here. Should I expect any problems with her going to France for several months during the process? Oh and we are in Texas about to move to Maryland in 2 weeks: is best to wait until we are in MD to file or just file now? Thanks!

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World Esquire Law Firm
World Esquire Law Firm | Aime Katambwe
You French mother should have become a US permanent resident some time ago. Seems you are a US citizen, your mother's application should have been done with an i 485 packet. Meaning that you file all the necessary applications all at once so that your mother you can become a legal permanent resident of the United States in the shortest delay. Of course, you failed to do that and you are doing it piecemeal. I don't know whether you going to have problems or not, but I usually do not file these kinds of applications piecemeal. and about moving, yes I would wait for you to be permanently situated before complicating matters even more by sending out applications with your current address knowing fully well that you're not going to be there by the time the responses came back from USCIS. please stay put until you have a permanent address.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 4/28/2015
Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C.
Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C. | David Nabow Soloway
You have asked multiple questions that require more extensive analysis than is appropriate in a general information forum like LawQA. It would be wise for you and your mother to consult with an immigration attorney who, after learning all of the relevant facts about your mother, her immigration-related history, your and her residence(s)/travel plans, would be able to advise about eligibilities, options and strategies. Some immigration law firms, including mine, offer legal services on a "flat fee" basis so that a client will know the total expense from the very beginning, and a few immigration law firms, including mine, offer an initial consultation free of charge.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 4/28/2015
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