How he can use my citizenship to become a citizen? 3 Answers as of September 10, 2017

He is a legal resident and he has been here since he was 1. We have been married for 13 years. We have 4 children and he works every day and pays his taxes and his insurance on our children. But would like to know how we go about using my citizenship for him to be a citizen as well.

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Hoang & Tran PLLC | Adam Tran
From your statements, it appears that you are a U.S. citizen and your husband is a legal permanent resident. If your husband is a legal permanent resident, he can take the Naturalization Examination to become a U.S. citizen. Please contact an immigration attorney in your area or our office to review the facts in your case.
Answer Applies to: Texas
Replied: 9/10/2017
The Law Office of David L. Leon
The Law Office of David L. Leon | David L. Leon
You may have options, but I?ll need a lot more information from you, such as how he entered, how many times he entered, when he entered, criminal history, etc.
Answer Applies to: Texas
Replied: 9/10/2017
Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C.
Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C. | David Nabow Soloway
Generally, in order for a foreign national to become a U.S. citizen, he must go through the naturalization application process, and generally to become eligible for naturalization, one must be over age 21 and must have been a Lawful Permanent Resident for 5 years (the period is 3 years for most Permanent Residents married to U.S. citizens, and actually the application may be filed as early as 90 days before the end of the 5-year or 3-year period). Of course, there are many additional details that determine eligibility for naturalization too. If your husband has been a Permanent Resident since he was one year old, then he now may be eligible to apply for naturalization; if he is not yet a Permanent Resident, then he first may need to apply to become a Permanent Resident. It would be wise for your husband to consult with an immigration attorney who, after learning all of the relevant information, could advise about eligibilities, options and strategies to attain his goals, and who then could offer legal representation in the often complex application process.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 9/10/2017
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