How does an ex overstayed visa traveller travel from the US to other countries? Posted on July 06, 2011

Back in Dec 2003 when I was younger and stupider, I left the US to go back to the UK (I am a UK citizen), after overstaying my visa by 3 years (during my time in the US I married a US girl & then got divorced after it all fell apart after a month) - I went to the US in 2000. I totally understand this was my choice, my fault, and I broke the rules, and I can accept why the US wouldn’t want me to travel back in to their country, but I was wondering if I could still fly to other countries via the US, on the transit visa & if so what would be required. I wasn’t deported, I just turned up at the airport and got a flight home - no one from customs said anything and I wasn’t detained. I did go down to the local immigration office, and they said just go to the airport and catch a flight.

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