How do you find out what the release date would be for having your DOSA sentence revoked? 1 Answers as of March 22, 2011

My husband had his dosa sentance revoked and his doc officer is saying they cant tell us a release date on that revoked dosa sentence until he is convicted and sentenced to completely different charges they have against him. his doc officer said they cant tell you a release date unless he is in prison. He is still being held in King County.

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That is correct because, if your husband is convicted on a new charge, it will add points to your husband's offender score and the sentence would be different. Consequently, it is not currently possible to compute an exact release date. What you could do is look at the adult sentencing guidelines and "assume" he has been convicted of the new charge and that would give you a standard sentencing range but you would still be getting a best guess. The judge can run all of the time concurrently, or overlapping or consecutively or one sentence after another. There is also good time on drug offenses so the best anyone could do is an estimate of a release date.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 3/22/2011
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