How do we file a civil suit assistance and conservatorship or probate of estate? 2 Answers as of May 04, 2015

My friend needs help ASAP! She contacted Legal Aide, the State Bar, Lawyers' Referral Service and Others for help and/or referrals with no luck (money is issue - no funds to pay in advance). I'm contacting on her behalf, due issues with her access to a pc/experience (?) using one. Friend held sole legal rights as Trustee, (with POA) under a 2011 Trust/Will (replaced prior trust & obtain via an attorney). She's was her mother's sole caregiver for more than 20 years. This was a result of her and mom's decision, after they discussed mom's future/estate's maintenance. Both siblings (2) were contacted, to discuss and decide how to proceed on this family matter. In reply, both said they had no time and it's too far. Basically, they didn't maintain family ties, but had no problem asking for money in the years following. Siblings abducted mom (home of 50 years) with only the clothes on her back. No regard to her meds or her eye glasses (required for vision) and without a court order. APS and PD actively and knowingly participated supported siblings in actions including lying about a gas leak, giving appearance they had right to remove mom. Documents exist. Supporting APS invest (siblings started) as unfounded and that officer lied, per PG&E. Sibling given temporary conservatorship. Their actions, lack of care, elder abuse, caused mom's death. In addition, there are issues with nursing home's care as well as friend's prior attorney's misconduct and misrepresentation; i.e. failed to file favorable doc in court. Friend wants to proceed with a civil suit against all parties. (Intends a Criminal Suit too.) Siblings evicted friend and sold home (as temporary conservators) as well as theft removal of property prior to them being assigned as such. Friend needs help completing and filing forms, etc. and would prefer representation.

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Your friend has an uphill battle but the answer will not be found on a legal website. She simply needs to keep calling attorneys until she can find one who can help. That will be difficult with no money so she better have some very good evidence and present it clearly in the hopes of getting assistance.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/4/2015
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Your friend's problems are very complicated . ?I doubt any local attorneys would be willing to handle all the matters on a contingency fee [no money up front, attorney gets percentage of recovery, but normally requires client to pay filing fees and other out of pocket costs]. 1. ?you do not state where your friend lives. 2. ?probate can be started by anyone who has an interest in the estate; just file the original of the Will with the Probate Court. 3. ?the power of attorney ended when the person granting it died. 4. ?the Trust is administered by whomever is designated as the Trustee and the terms of the Trust govern what must be done. ?But I have no idea what assets are included in the Trust. In order for the house to be included ownership would have to have been transferred to the Trust. ?Since the other children were able to sell the house, it must not have been in the Trust. 5. ?she can go to the local DA and complain about their action, but an individual can not file a criminal lawsuit, only the DA can, and many of them feel them have too much work as is to handle another case unless it involves a large amount of money. will continue later?
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/4/2015
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