How do we adopt a child relinquished to us? Posted on June 02, 2011

If an unfit pregnant woman in Arizona voluntarily relinquishes her parental rights and signs her child over to my husband and me, we live in Texas, do we need to go through the typical adoption process? What would the cost be? This woman is mentally unstable and already has 2 daughters (4 yrs & 2 yrs) from 2 different men. She was working at a prison where she met the father of her 2nd child. The father was a minor at the time so she was convicted of statutory rape and was incarcerated herself. She has given power of attorney of both of these children to a friend. This time, she married the man that has gotten her pregnant. He is not a good man. He has kicked and/or hit this woman's children. He is currently incarcerated for abusing his former wife. Since this woman has signed over POA for her other children, we are hoping she will voluntarily sign over her PR. If she does not, how would we get her declared unfit? What would the costs be if she did not voluntarily relinquish rights?

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