How do make an effective complaint against a police officer? Posted on May 07, 2011

My boyfriend needs to make a complaint against a police officer in Tallapoosa, GA. He is the victim of battery, he was punched in the face twice by a man in a bar. There was no argument or altercation preceding this. My boyfriend and I were talking together and this man comes up behind us and punches my boyfriend in the face. The man was very intoxicated and we still don't know what caused this. I called 911 for an officer to come to the scene. The officer who responded to the incident did not do a thorough investigation. The officer was very unprofessional and uncaring. He did not even provide us with a case number, a card with his name/contact info, or take a written statement from us. My boyfriend told him that he wanted to press charges and was told by the officer that if the man who hit him was arrested, then my boyfriend would be arrested also because they didn't know what really happened. I told him that was absurd because my boyfriend had a busted lip and bloody nose, while the other man had no injuries at all. The officer's reply was "that just looks to me like you lost". They did write the man a ticket for disorderly conduct. How can we have this investigated?

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