How do I stop paying my Tarrent county Texas child support after I lost my job? 1 Answers as of December 15, 2010

How do I stop paying or reduce my Tarrent county Texas child support after I lost my job?

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This is a great question, one I with were asked more often.

You have to file a Motion to Modify Child Support. It looks much like a standard Motion to Modify the Parent Child Relationship but asks merely that the child support be adjusted due to circumstances beyond your control.

You are currently under court order to pay a specific amount of support, that court order remains until changed. If you do not ask the court for relief, you are obligated to pay the same amount and the debt just adds up. If you are only unemployed for a few weeks, this is a minor problem - pay a little extra for a few months to catch up - but if you end up taking a lower paying job, or you are unemployed for months, this is a big problem. When you finally do get a job, there is a huge child support debt owed that you cannot pay easily.

My best advice is to find a local family law attorney who will handle this for you. There are some great lawyers in and around Ft. Worth. Call one of them soon. The longer you wait, the longer you will remain obligated to pay the current amount of support.
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Replied: 12/15/2010
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