How do i respond to a contempt of court paper for child visition and what information do i ned to include? Posted on April 29, 2011

My ex has sent me contempt of court papers in account that he claims that I am keep of child from him and not allowing him to see her when he doesn't call or try to contact her to visit and if he does call it all about me never asking for her and calling after hours.all my phone records show he does not make contact and has not had a stead place until now changed numbers even left town for 6- 8 month and didn't say anything till he was already gone there is not even a place for her to sleep and has not done the required parenting class that we were both supposed to take. Now that he has filed these paper he is trying to make contact like this is what he has been doing. So my question is how do I respond to this and what all do I need to give to them and is it possible for this to be dismissed.

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