How do I obtain the highest level of custody possible? Posted on February 08, 2011

I have a child on the way. Me and the mother only spent a few nights together and she recently told me that she was pregnant. One day she texted me through a series of about seven text messages that I have since saved that she smoked marijuana through 6 months of her pregnancy and that she knew that it could be harmful to the baby. She also keeps company with a rough crowd (multiple, record having men that were invited to her house beat a man with a frying pan and stabbed another) this all took place in her house and the police report contains all of this information. She was in behavioral disorders classes in high school as well. She gets very abusive verbally at the drop of a dime and I do not feel that our child would be the safest or provided with proper care, both physical and emotional. I am terrified to think that she could get custody of my son and I want to know if anything that I have listed here can aid in me obtaining full or full physical custody. Thank you.

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