How do I obtain a copy of a will? Posted on March 25, 2011

My grandmother recently passed away leaving my mother & myself left in the family. I am wondering how or if I can obtain a copy of her will since my mother stated that I was left a little money and a 15 year old car from my grandmother. I am an only grandchild, have the only great grandchild and I am positive my grandmother would have taken care of us. My mothers husband is a very greedy , shady character and I feel he is trying to pull a fast one stating my mom was left my grandmothers home, property & belongings. They refuse to show me the will further leading me to believe something crooked is going on. My grandmother passed a week ago today and my mother called me tonight to tell me this. I strongly feel my step father is advising her to tell me I was pretty much left out of things so that my mother can acquire everything, he is extremely greedy and would love to have what she owned to sell so he can further prosper. I by no means am greedy, but I sense something isn't right. So my question is how can I obtain a copy of her will?

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