How do I need to word a notarized letter concerning child custody? Posted on June 29, 2011

A 17 y/o boy came to live with us 6 1/2 weeks ago after his dad put him out of the house. The dad knows he is here and has made no effort to come and get him. My husband and I just talked to the dad about signing a notarized letter giving us permission to make decisions concerning his son (school, medical, etc.) and he agreed to do it. That was surprising because he can be very uncooperative at times. My question is what verbiage do I need to use in the letter to ensure that once signed we will not have to continue to go through the dad in order to get things done for his son? We need some type of temporary guardianship, but he refuses go through any lawyers or in his words "red tape". Also we are of no biological relation to the young man.

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