How do I modify the temporary child custody agreement? Posted on August 11, 2011

My husband filled for divorce and a child custody hearing. I won primary during hearing and the judge asked what kind of visitation I wanted. This was done almost 2 years ago. During this time I have tried many times to get him to sit down with me and/or a mediator to discuss how we want to future visitation to go. We both agree that M/W (T/Th) and every other weekend is becoming tedious and would like more consecutive visitation. However, every time I try to set a day to discuss this he always cancels and becomes furious. I dont have money for a lawyer and would rather represent myself but I need to know what kind of form I need to submit in order to change the temp custody and make it into a final arrangement so that the divorce can be finalized. We have been separated almost 3 years.

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