How do I legally remove another persons personal items from my property? Posted on July 18, 2011

On 4/30/11 my now ex-girlfriend was evicted from her apartment and needed a place to store her things. I allowed her to keep them in my garage under the agreement that when she found a new apartment she would take them with her. She was supposed to move in to a new place on 6/1/11 , but on 5/26/11 she was arrested on drug charges and a probation violation and was incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail. She was then released on 7/8/11 and was going to stay with members of her family. I believe she stayed for a few days but then left with her old drug dealer and has made no contact since. I contacted her family and they came on 7/17/11 and took a few of her items, but the majority remain in my garage. They said they had no interest in taking the rest of the items as they have nowhere to store them. I have no way to contact the owner of the property and wanted to know how long I must keep it before disposing of it, as I don't want her to be able to sue me for damages.

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