How do I know if what was done to me was medical malpractice? 1 Answers as of November 02, 2017

I have a diagnosed chronic illness of my nervous system, that causes every organ in my body to not function correctly, and my automatic functions to not work at times. I go to the hospital often because of it. I recently had an ablation on my heart, and went in to get an x-ray of my chest and an EKG on my heart because my pulse kept shifting around erratically, bradycardia, normal, and tachycardia and I was having a hard time breathing. I was very cool calm and collected. The doctor wanted me to walk so she could see my pulse, and during walking my pulse was normal, so I am assuming that she did not believe me after that, even though I had a supply of videos, plus a diagnosis of this happening. She said she was going to give me saline, even though I was just there for an x-ray and EKG. I told her politely that I already had 10 bottles of water and a bunch of salt and last time I had saline after being fully hydrated it made me very sick and puffy. She interrupted me while I was trying to explain to her what dysautonomia is and why I can't have saline right now, and was very agitated telling me that she’s the doctor and knows everything and I was trying to calm her down while she was going off on me for refusing saline, and I asked, "am I supposed to go home then because I can't have saline right now?" She said yes and stomped off to grab discharge papers. I was afraid at this point, which caused me to have a PTSD- like attack because I do have health anxiety dealing with my illness, especially with no help. I am so sweet all the time, and I couldn't understand this treatment. I asked her why she is refusing to test me and I got nothing back. I came to the nurse station and asked to speak with the staff manager, and she yelled out across the room, "I am the manager" while she wiggled her hips. I went back to my bed and thought, and started crying. The crying turned into a full-blown PTSD attack, and I kept going out in the hall crying and hyperventilating.

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If you can find a doctor who will testify that you are the victim of malpractice, then you can pursue the claim. Lawyers, not being doctors, must rely on the help, guidance, and testimony of competent doctors. Your case is much too confusing for me, to give you a "from the hip" opinion, despite my having a strong biology background in undergrad and grad school before becoming a doctor. I need the input from a competent physician.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 11/2/2017
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