How do I know if there was there a breach of contract? Posted on April 25, 2011

I signed up to play in Co-Ed softball league this summer. I found a guy running a team in a local city and contacted him about playing. The guy and I chatted over Facebook and I said I would be interested in playing this summer. He told me when I would like to play and I told him when I could and we agreed that I was on the Wednesday Co-Ed team. I met him a few weeks later to sign the paper and give him the money for my place on the team which was $28. We both agreed that I was assured a spot on the team, verbally and physically by me signing the paper he had. He sends me a message on Facebook today saying that his brother is able to play and that he needed my address to send my money back. There was no mention of his brother in any previous conversation and no mention of anyone taking my spot on the team. We both agreed I had a spot on the team (as previously mentioned). Can I sue him to keep my spot on the team? (I don't know what area of law this would fall into; I just choose sports.) A quick response would be great as the league starts the first week of May. Thanks.

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