How do I know if I was given an unfair ticket? Posted on July 18, 2011

I'm from Southern California. At about 11:45 AM I was driving on the 60 freeway with my daughter in the carpool lane. I was driving behind a large truck, probably Chevelet Silverado. I was about 3 cars behind them. I didn't feel comfortable being behind a large car like that so I decided to exit the carpool lane. I looked carefully to my right to see if any cars were in my way. I waited for one car to pass then I saw a car driving parallel to me on the adjacent lane. I had to make sure that the car would not move into my lane so I had to wait a little so I could be sure. I do remember that I crossed the exit in time with my front wheels but my back right wheel ended up riding on the part of the yellow lines for about 3 to 4 feet. When I got to the next lane, a CHP started flashing his light behind me. When I spoke to him, I said that I got out in time but I noticed that I rode a little on the yellow lines with my back tire. He said that was the same as crossing a single double yellow line. Riding on that small amout of yellow, is that fair to get a ticket for it? Can I fight this?

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