How do I know if I am being discriminated against at work? Posted on July 27, 2011

I would like to know what kind of evidence I can get toward my supervisor/boss when it comes to telling me my work is not right and when I eat the food only stops at my breast and keeps telling me that she dont like black people. My boss is telling me about the kind of weave I put in my hair I need to take it out and its black only black. I have reported the whole thing in writing to human resource and they did nothing but sweep it under the rug. The new man they hired in hr as her supervisor wanted to learn his job and people under him. She gave him the rundown on all of us but when it got to me he said to me I was the target and he told her than let him learn people for himself. She hated him then so they been going at it since Dec of 2010 arguing. She didnt help him either so they stay in hr trying to prove who is right or wrong. Finally he gave up just this pass July 2011 and he was training me to strip floors. I always told him I record my day to put it in writing. He forgot I told him that so as I was working he said to me he love seeing a woman on their knee keep in mind the stress has gotten to me. Thats how I made a mistake on that marble floor. All day everyday he saying something to make me upset now. The stuff he has said to me bout being on my knees really made me scared when he shut the door. Is it legal to hold him accountable for that? He is my supervisor and I do need my job. What should I do? Im not sleeping well or eating like I used to. I have a build up of stress. Can I use my recordings to help me out?

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