How do I keep my husband's mistress away from my children? 1 Answers as of February 22, 2017

My husband recently cheated on me and then told me he wasn't going to stop seeing her. He hasn't been home for weeks. This is very unlikely of him and I believe drugs are involved for many other reasons, but can't prove it. Today, he wanted to pick up our two boys and keep them overnight. I said I wasn't comfortable with that. I don't want them anywhere near his mistress to see anything inappropriate or get confused. They are two and four years old. I also don't want them left in the care of impaired adults or getting into some stash. Is there a protection order or something I can get to ensure that my husband cannot take the kids to her house or anywhere near her so that he can still see them? I can't keep them from him for much longer. It's not fair. I'm not ready to file divorce yet so a custody battle right now isn't an option.

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If you have some actual proof of illegal drug use, you can file a petition for a protection order. You can also ask in the petition that the children be kept away from this woman. However, if the only reason you have for this is that she is seeing the father, it's unlikely the court will grant this. You can file for a legal separation if you don't want to file for a divorce. This would provide you with the opportunity to ask for child support and to establish a parenting plan for each parent to have contact with the children.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 2/22/2017
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