How do I handle my roommates property after she left? Posted on April 13, 2011

Her failure to sign the lease was part of my reason for telling her to leave, another was her blatant noncompliance with terms in a roommate agreement I had her sign. She has lived with me for a little less than a month. I gave her written and verbal notice to be out by a specific date and time (more than 72 hours but less than a week). Since I am the only person on the lease (which is month by month), I was under the impression that I could choose any point after 72 hours as her deadline to be moved out and remove her belongings after that point, but the manager is telling me I have to store her possessions for 30 days. Isn't she technically a guest until the time I gave and a squatter after that point? How should I handle removing her possessions (if they aren't removed by my deadline), since she hasn't made any effort to pack up by my deadline?

She has lived with me for less than a month and did pay one month's rent, but the manager lost the check, and when they asked for the tracking number, she cancelled it and didn't write a new one, so I have paid this entire month's rent. The only paperwork she has signed/filed with the manager is a rental application, which authorizes them to do a background check. She signed a roommate agreement with me (laying out rules and division of bills), but it was written under the assumption that she would become a co-tenant and sign the lease and does not state that it is any form of lease or rental agreement. She was instructed to sign the lease upon moving in but did not do so and mislead me regarding her communications with the manager.
The roommate agreement states: "This agreement is made by and among the roommates named who have signed a lease for a shared dwelling unit that makes the roommates jointly liable for all terms of the contract." Is it void since she didn't sign the lease when she told me she would? I apologize for the large amount of questions, I'm just very confused.

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