How do I go about my divorce? Posted on June 04, 2011

My husband and I finally had a sit down with one another about the issue of divorce. He has fallen for some one online and no longer believes there can be anything between us. Personally I would agree after this not to mention we just been living like roommates for almost 5 years. Which is when our son was born. He is paranoid I will run off with our son, which legally I know I can't, and wouldn't want to do, so he wants me to put it in writing that I won't run off with our son. When I said I had no problem with that he agreed on Joint Custody. Question is, should I still get the lawyer to make sure he doesn't screw me over on this, perhaps change his mind about the joint and fight me again? Oh yes, I stated in a earlier question, I am a stay a home mom, no job, no money, no place to stay in town. He’s not kicking me out, least he says he wont. Says I can stay till I can find a place of my own and what not, and agreed to help with certain financial things, but the thing is, he thinks, that any lawyer I get, because I would have to find some one who was either pro bono (think that the right word) or cheaper or legal aid wise, that he would win over me if we were to fight over full custody. Personally I don't believe this of course, but worries me that he said this after he agreed to joint custody. I am not sure how divorce works, if you sit down with a lawyer and go over it, or just fill out some paper work. Either way he doesn't want to make a big deal of the whole him giving me money issue. He'd rather just give me what I needed when I asked for it than be forced by law to pay something. I know child support and what not could just about cripple him financially as it has his brother, so I understand to a point. But I am afraid that if I really needed something he could tell me no and I couldn't do anything legally about it. Should I still seek out this lawyer? I feel a loss of who to talk to or where to find a lawyer that will work with me here in Nebraska.

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