How do I go about getting sole custody of my child? 1 Answers as of August 11, 2011

I am currently pregnant and I want sole custody of my daughter that is unborn. The father lives 6 hours away and will refuse to pay child support, however, he wants all the fun that comes with being a parent. We are unmarried and never going to be married. Please tell me sole custody is a likely outcome. He isn't an alcoholic or a bad person, he just won't help or barely be able to see her. And he talks of shared custody all the time and what he wants just scares me. 3 days his place 3 days my place, etc. He has no money or any means of help financially. I just want what's right for my daughter and I don't think thats him.

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First, you are in a pickle because you want what I am always asked to get and it is nearly impossible. Please do not loose hope however, you and he do not understand the term Sole and Joint as used in Texas. Joint Managing Conservatorship does not mean "joint custody" in the way he is asking for it. JMC is decision rights and separate from possession rights. Now, the more important thing is that a minor child should never be shared 3 days on / 3 days off. But this topic is far too broad to discuss in the context of questions and answers online. Please call my office at 9725964000 and we can try to explain some of this to you. There is hope, lots of hope and do not agree with what he wants. Furthermore, he is just trying to keep from paying child support.
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Replied: 8/11/2011
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