How do I get paid by an employer for work done under the table? Posted on June 29, 2011

Needed extra money after taking early retirement option. Went to work for husband of a former co-worker that runs an appraisal service where I traveled all over Alabama photographing and taking measurements of damaged vehicles for various insurance companies and I was supposed to get paid per vehicle. Received assignments by e-mail. Took photos/measurements and e-mailed back to him and he worked up the appraisal and forwarded to the insurance company. Supposed to be a little extra money. Turned out to be what I think is a decent amount of money (almost $2000). I went on first assignment (usually do a min. of 3 a day) on Jan 31st, 2011, and had to stop on Apr. 27th (of all days) because I had run out of money because he would not pay me and I was spending way more than I was making for gas, etc. I was paid $400 in March and he told me he was going to put some money in my account on Apr. 27th (tornado day). He was in Fla. for a motorcycle club trip. He said he tried to make a deposit on the 27th but couldn't because the bad weather had brought down the computer systems. It is now 2 months later and no deposits have been made yet. I had done a total of 76 assignments up to that point and been paid for about 13, leaving a balanced owed to me of almost $2000. I had to stop because I was basically "working for free" and when I ran out of money, I RAN OUT OF GAS. It was supposed to be a little "extra" under the table and got to be even more than I expected and the tax burden for all of this falls on him and me. I worked for a very short while in 2010 where I only did 13 assignments and got paid for 10. I have signed nothing. It was all done by phone. I do have all of the assignments paperwork and pictures though.

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