How do I file for legal guardianship/custody in Pennsylvania for my children who reside with me? Posted on February 05, 2011

I am recently divorced and custody was not an issue at the time because my ex-husband was homeless when we divorced. However about a month after the divorce he moved in with another woman, and wants to claim my children on his income tax even though they reside with me. He has relatively nothing to do with either of them unless they call him and half the time he doesn't show up or he'll pick them up and take them to the store or something spending about 20-30 min with them tops. He doesn't inquire about their health, or education, he doesn't make any decisions concerning them at all. My youngest daughter has had eye surgery and is having trouble with her vision and his concern is paying a tax penalty. I will say that he does provide medical coverage for them and monetary contributions.

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