How do I divorce my spouse if I have recently moved to Oregon? 1 Answers as of May 16, 2011

Moved to Oregon and spouse lives in Texas. We have not lived together in about 4 years and I want a divorce. We have no children or property division. I did however purchase a truck from her mother and still owe about 3000.00 on it. I have made all payments but have fallen behind due to unemployment. The vehicle is titled in my name only and I am the sole owner. My spouse is threatening me that she is going to take my vehicle that she is entitled to it. The promissory note that I have is between her mother and me. This is my only source of transportation and like I stated we were not together when I chose to purchase the truck. Does she have any rights to my truck and how do I go about this and protect myself? Also when she left 4 years ago she took my personal property and family heirlooms (my grandmothers dishes) that are now passed and I would like some type of compensation for those things, even though some of the property cant is replaced. Also in numerous occasions has used my name for to get her electric turned on and also some credit card bills that have ruined my credit. Please advise me on how to go about this.

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Howard W. Collins, Attorney at Law
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Oregon has a 6 month residency requirement for filing a divorce. After that you are free to file. If it is important and you have sufficient funds, you can file for a legal separation in Oregon immediately and turn it into a divorce in 6 months. As for the car, the contract is between you and her mother. Your wife has no claim to the vehicle except to argue that it is martial property, but since you were separated when you bought it, no judge would really buy that argument. You owe and her mother can repossess it, but not your wife, legally that is. By the time you pay for an attorney you will have wasted the value of dishes. Some things are best just left alone.
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Replied: 5/16/2011
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