How do I defend myself in a trial for underage possession of liquor? Posted on May 16, 2011

I was at a public beach where the cops were called because of a noise disturbance. My boyfriend and I had just gotten into town after a month of being away at college and we drove over to the beach to see friends. We were there for maybe 5 minutes before the cops came and that's when we became aware of the fact that kids we did not know where underage drinking. We asked one of the officers if we could please go, we were sober and had nothing to do with what was going on but he told us to stay. Everyone at the beach got possession of alcohol tickets. I was given a field sobriety test and passed because I had a car there. I tried to get a Breathalyzer on the spot and afterwards by calling the police department but I was not allowed. I plead not guilty and when I went to court they tried to give me 100 hours of community service. I decided to take it to trial because I am innocent and do not want to pay with my time or money for something I did not do. The district attorney told me I could lose my license if I'm found guilty in court. What can I do to make sure that I win this trial? What about non-exclusive possession?

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