How do I civilly prosecute someone after criminal prosecution? Posted on May 14, 2011

My car was stolen after I came back from a deployment in Iraq. I was moving my stuff out of my storage to my new housing unit. Thousands of dollars of property was in my vehicle. (I had comprehensive and home/renters policy but the insurer is denying my claim by the way) The person who perpetrated the crimes convinced the police not to arrest him and he stole the car with my belongings. Thanks to the Negligent and Corrupted City Police and Officials of the City of bell he is continuing to destroy my life. My issue is that over the course of a year after I have retrieved it from the impound that same person has repeatedly stolen it over and over again with more of my belongings in it each time. Each time I make a police report he would come in to the station, pretend to be someone else and has the case dropped while he still has my stolen vehicle. He has constantly violated a civil restraining order, and then after the civil order is issued robs my house and steals my car again, continues to stalk me & my family while he is on probation for grand theft and residential burglary from a prior. Needless to say this guy has a silver tongue and cons his way out of tough spots. I would like to press charges but no agency is willing to help me. What actions can I take? What kind of attorney do I need? I have done a superior job at keeping official court records about how he purges himself constantly. (His credibility is shot and I can establish a pattern) I have the title to my vehicle. I have the lien sale papers from where I bought it. I have all police reports and detective reports. What can I do to have this guy put behind bars? Can he be prosecuted after I sue this criminal civilly? Or do I Lose that option of pressing charges if I sue him for monetary damages?

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