How can we ensure we get our security deposit back? Posted on April 25, 2011

Our landlord has for the last year and a half refused to give us a a reciept or deposit information for our security deposit, or last months rent. We have copies of the cleared checks, with the note in the memo line what they were for, and when Landlord cashed them, so proving he got it is not a problem. My fear is that Landlord simply pocketed the money, assuming he would charge us for costly repairs when we move out. However, we have had to do numerous costly repairs while living here, all at the landlords direction as he is out of state so he cannot fix things himself. When we submit reciepts to him for the repairs, every single time he tells us he cannot afford to pay for it right then, but will instead tell us to "take a little off each month". Last time we refused to do so, as the repairs we in the thousands of dollars. It is an old old house, and it seems like every other month something needs to be replaced, and we keep swallowing the immediate cost to do so. Anyhow, what if anything can we legally do to be sure we get that deposit back? Our lease was a 3 year lease, and is almost up. Our landlord is out of state and never returns any calls or letters or emails. We have asked him for deposit reciepts a few times, and even referenced the point in the law that we should have been credited interest on the deposit on the year anniversary of the lease sign, but Landlord refused to comment. I know in my guy he pocketed the money, and has no intent of giving it back.

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