How can we adjust the amount of child support owed? Posted on February 21, 2011

When my husband divorced his ex wife he did not agree to the child support amount in the divorce decree. His ex-wife told him not to worry about it; she would not press the child support and did not want to get it re-written because it would cost her money. She waited two years after their divorce to a month before he was set to marry me without asking for that amount, but in spite she took him to child support court for the money. She admitted that she agreed that he would not have to pay that amount, but said "oh well it's still legal". Anyway the amount on the divorce decree was based on what he was making then in TN. He is not making nearly that amount and half of his check goes to her. She is making $7,000/month, while he brings in $400/month. $400 a month goes to her. VA child support said there is nothing he can do since it has not been 3 years since it was drawn up. Is there anything we can do to lower the amount he is paying to a reasonable amount?

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